Zermatt Dusk LLC optimizes the relationship between corporate strategy and capital to drive two key dimensions of performance: sustainable growth and valuation. The firm serves middle-market companies through its management consulting and advisory practice, and mid to large cap clients through its leadership development practice.

Areas of focus:

*  Growth Roadmap

*  Go-to-Market Strategy

*  Competitive Strategy


*  Private Equity / Venture Capital

*  M&A and Divestitures

*  International Expansion


*  Change Management

*  Leadership Development

*  Board Governance

Recent engagements:

  • Restructured business model of a Software-as-a-Service provider, yielding new sales contracts worth over $100M.
  • Developed systematic expansion strategy with price fluctuation protections for a middle market client. The plan’s success allowed the client to secure $45M in low cost debt to finance growth.
  • Designed growth roadmap and developed risk mitigation strategies to prepare advisory client for fundraising / M&A. Client received multiple term sheets and completed a high valuation close, despite a very difficult funding environment.
  • Secured bridge financing for telecom startup, on the strength of new growth and go-to-market strategies.

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